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The Media Anthropology Network, European Association of Social Anthropologists (EASA), aims to foster international discussion and collaboration around the anthropology of media. The network also hopes to contribute to the theoretical and empirical development of this anthropological subfield.

Although many of our exchanges take place via our mailing list, we also meet regularly offline. Our first biennial general meeting took place during the 8th EASA conference, held in Vienna in September 2004 (see minutes of the meeting). A second meeting was held at EASA's Bristol conference in September 2006. We met in Ljubljana in the summer of 2008 and two years later in Maynooth (Ireland). Our most recent meeting took place at the 13th EASA conference in Tallinn in the summer of 2014. All EASA members are welcome at these network meetings and we are particularly keen to hear from people who wish to play an active role in the Network.

We have also organised a number of workshops and panels over the years at locations such as Barcelona (2008), Ljubljana (2008), Bristol (2006) and Loughborough (2005). Our most recent workshop was in Maynooth in late August 2010 and focused on the rewards derived from engaging with diverse media technologies - a session we followed up via the mailing list.

>> For further details or to join the network, please contact John Postill (RMIT University).
>> To get a membership profile please register via the link below the Login box.
>> To subscribe to the mailing list follow the instructions found on the mailing list page.
>> For a brief introduction to the anthropology of media visit the Wikipedia page.

Call for Support

The EASA Media Anthropology Network is one of the most successful and productive interdisciplinary networks in the intersection between media (technologies) and anthropology. There are currently 1.450 people subscribed to the network's mailing list and 340 people created a profile on the network's website. Over the last 10 years, the network managed to convene 50 e-seminars and it facilitated several meetings and workshops which resulted in edited books and projects (e.g., Bräuchler, B. & J. Postill (eds) 2010. Theorising Media and Practice). All this could only be achieved through voluntary work.

The Media Anthropology Network simply depends on voluntary support by its members and friends to keep the network and its online services, such as mailing list, bibliography, working papers and e-seminar series, profile management, and the website open and free, also for non-EASA members. Unfortunately, the network's team of active supporters is not growing like the group of media anthropology interested people subscribing to the mailing list and registering on the website. Therefore, we had to temporarily close sections of the website which are in need of an overhaul and continuing maintenance: the event page, the bibliography, the picture gallery, the document section, and the link page.

To get these services online again and to maintain and improve existing services, we are searching for people who are willing to actively support the network by contributing to one of the following tasks:

1) Joomla (CMS) Manager:
We are looking for someone knowledgeable of working with the Content Management System Joomla ( which is used to keep the network's website and its online features running.

2) File and Document Manager/Editor:
The network's files and documents are ideally managed via the Joomla Doc Manager. We are searching for someone interested in working with this feature, re-organizing and editing the network's files and documents, i.e., working papers, e-seminars, etc.

3) Bibliography Manager:
We are looking for someone revising the existing bibliography entries and managing new incoming entries.

4) CSS-Creator (could be part of the Joomla Manager task):
To keep most possible control over the website's lay-out, we are searching for someone who could write and manage an appropriate style sheet.

These jobs are great opportunities especially for younger scholars to network and gain experience in the field of media anthropology and related areas such as digital anthropology, visual anthropology, and media studies. If you want to contribute to the Media Anthropology Network and its successful work by actively supporting it, please get in contact with Philipp Budka (ph.budka(at)

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