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The Media Anthropology Network, European Association of Social Anthropologists (EASA), aims to foster international discussion and collaboration around the anthropology of media. The network also hopes to contribute to the theoretical and empirical development of this anthropological subfield.

Although many of our exchanges take place via our mailing list, we also meet regularly offline. Our first biennial general meeting took place during the 8th EASA conference, held in Vienna in September 2004 (see minutes of the meeting). A second meeting was held at EASA's Bristol conference in September 2006. We met in Ljubljana in the summer of 2008 and two years later in Maynooth (Ireland). In the summer of 2014 we met in Tallinn and our most recent network meeting took place at the 14th EASA conference in Milan in July 2016. All EASA members are welcome at these network meetings and we are particularly keen to hear from people who wish to play an active role in the network.

We have also organised a number of workshops and panels over the years at locations such as Vienna (2015), Tallinn (2014), London (2011), Maynooth (2010), Barcelona (2008), Ljubljana (2008), Bristol (2006) and Loughborough (2005). Our most recent panel at an EASA conference was in Milan in July 2016 and focused on media anthropology's legacies and concerns.

>> For further details or to join the network, please contact Sahana Udupa (University Munich), Elisabetta Costa (University of Groningen) or Philipp Budka (University of Vienna).
>> To get a membership profile please register via the link below the Login box.
>> To subscribe to the mailing list follow the instructions found on the mailing list page.
>> For a brief introduction to the anthropology of media visit the Wikipedia page.

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