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Elisenda Ardevol Profile Page
Elisenda Ardevol
Contact Info
Elisenda Ardevol
Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Spain / Catalonia
Academic Info
media practices, body, play and visual culture, connective ethnography, Spain, Latin America
Currently I do research about the social and cultural practices related to the Internet, new media, digital sociability, body, play and visual culture in Catalonia, Spain and Latin America context. I have also carried out fieldwork among the Gypsy community of Granada, in Afro-American communities of Los Angeles, and done visual ethnography in the Courts of Justice of Barcelona. As other related activities, I collaborate with the Research Group of Sociojuridical Studies (Gres, UAB) and I coordinate Mediacciones/Mediaccions, a Reserach Group in Digital Culture (UOC).
Senior lecturer in Social and Cultural Anthropology in the Humanities Department at the Open University of Catalonia (UOC, Barcelona, Spain), I also collaborate in the Interdisciplinary PhD Program on Information and Knowledge Society, IN3-UOC, in the Master of Creative Documentary at the UAB (Spain) and in the Visual Anthropology Master of the University of Barcelona (Spain).

see mediacciones site
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