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Francine Barone Profile Page
Francine Barone
Contact Info
Francine Barone
Department of Anthropology
University of Kent
United Kingdom
Academic Info
technology, communication, internet, Spain/Catalonia/Mediterranean
Consumption, urban anthropology, ethnicity, nationalism, immigration, minority language/cultural politics, digital anthropology research and methods, mobile technology and portable computing, computer programming (incl. open source), user interface design and aesthetics, blogs, online social networking, lifestyle technology, and anthropological ethics.
I was awarded my PhD in Social Anthropology from the University of Kent (UK) in 2010. My thesis, Urban Firewalls, analyzes the impact of information and communication technologies in a Catalan town with reference to nationalism, modernity, risk and aspirations for the future. I explore "online" and "offline" communication practices alongside concepts of space, otherness and boundary-making to elucidate how the Internet is indelibly tied to place-based realities and identities. I am also currently an admin at the Open Anthropology Cooperative (
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