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Gabriela Inés Aguero Profile Page
Gabriela Inés Aguero
Contact Info
Gabriela Inés Aguero
University of Manitoba
My research is with an audiovisual school for children in Colombia you can see there work on youtube here . I am presently researching the children´s/youth use of facebook and their particular interactions online as regards sexuality comparing this platform to the official blog where they produced work for a sexuality and citizenship state project. I hope to present this as a paper for the upcoming EASA conference.
Academic Info
children, conflict, activism, media, Colombia
anthropology of childhood, conflict, Latin America, activism, social networks
Phd Student in socio-cultural anthropology at the University of Manitoba hoping to elope to the University of Manchester in September if funding comes through to continue or re.start this Phd in social anthropology and visual media. I also hold a Masters and Bachelors of Fine Arts in Painting My wish is to do visual ethnographic work especially ethnographic documentaries as combination of these two fields. I have four children so the process will be slow.
Search some of my papers on as Gabi Aguero
European Association of Social Anthropologists 2010 The Rewards of Media-Maynooth Ireland “Children using media as a reward in an audiovisual school in Colombia: virtual freedom practices in facebook versus constraints of the institutional blog” International Peace Research Association IPRA 2010 (forthcoming; “Children and Peacebuilding in Colombia”) “Children making movies in Colombia: budding peace and resiliency in grass root 2009 media activism” Society for Applied Anthropology annual meeting, Santa Fe, NM. “The Conflict in Colombia, peace, mirages and images of the war“ 2008 IX Congress - Argentina Social Anthropology 2008 “Women Mystics: Suffering and Pain from an anthropological perspective “ 2008 2008IX Congress - Argentina Social Anthropology “On the Questions of War” Canadian Anthropology Society, Toronto, Ontario 2008 Panel presenter, Children in War, University of Manitoba 2004 Panel presenter, Quest, Conference on War Affected Children, Global College, 2004 University of Winnipeg Workshop Presenter and Participant. (aka Gabriela Lasko), Institute of Peace Education, Columbia University, Rhodes, Greece 2004 Panel presenter MERN Manitoba Education and Research conference-, 2005 University of Winnipeg (aka Gabriela Lasko) Peace Education project, Peace Week at Happy Though School 2005 Panel presenter Whole Schooling Consortium: Inclusion and Democracy, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada 2005 Panel presenter Seminar- Raising Peaceful Kids in a Violent World Project Peacemakers, Winnipeg, Manitoba 2004- 2005
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