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Joseph Oduro-Frimpong Profile Page
Joseph Oduro-Frimpong
Contact Info
Joseph Oduro-Frimpong
Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Academic Info
media audiences; African popular culture; Ghanaian video-films; mobile phones; Ghana
African Popular Culture; African Cinema and Video-Film; Media (Audience) Studies; Cultural Anthropology (Theory & Method); Ethnographic Methods; Gender & Sexuality.
Doctoral Candidate (Southern Illinois University, Carbondale)
2010 Political Critique in Nigerian Video-Films. Encyclopedia of Social Movements Media 2010 Protest Music in Africa: The Case of Ghanaian Highlife & Nigerian Afrobeat Music. Encyclopedia of Social Movements Media 2010 White Supremacists’ Tattoos as Alternative Media. Encyclopedia of Social Movements Media 2009 Glocalization Trends: The Case of Hip-Life Music in Contemporary Ghana. International Journal of Communication 2008. Ghanaians & Uncomfortable Issues. The New Legon Observer Vol. 2 No. 13. 2007. Semiotic Silence: Its Use as a Conflict-Management Strategy in Intimate Relationships. Semiotica 167: 283-308.
2010 Institute of African Studies, University of Ghana, Legon. “It is a Game, One Man Win One Man Lose”: On Occultic Rituals and Cyberfraud in Contemporary Ghana. 2009 XII Annual Global Fusion Conference, Ohio University “Respect My Office”: Exploring the Popular Art of Vehicle Slogans on Some Ghanaian Commercial Vehicles. Sexuality & Gender Conference in Africa. Syracuse University, NY. “Prevent this Abomination”: On Contemporary Ghanaian Religious Leaders Discourse on Homosexuality. XIII Annual Global Fusion Conference, University of Texas, Austin Sakawa: On Occultic Rituals and Cyberfraud in Ghanaian Video Films. 2008 15th Lavender Languages & Linguistics Conference (American University, D.C.). Paper Presented (with Nell Haynes) “[Do You] Hate Fags?: Examining Homophobic Discourse in Some U.S Rap Music. The 34th Annual African Literature Association Conference at Western Illinois University, Macomb, Illinois. 2007 14th Lavender Languages & Linguistics Conference (American University, D.C.) “Homosexuality is a Sin against God: Examining Homophobic Discourse in Contemporary Ghana XI Annual Global Fusion Conference “Glocal Trends: Examining the Case of Hip-Life Music in Contemporary Ghana” Attended a Special African Film Conference at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign as part of a four-man think-tank from SIUC’s Global Media Research Center on a brainstorming session with Nollywood academics and industry professionals
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