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Kerstin B Andersson Profile Page
Kerstin B Andersson
Contact Info
Kerstin B Andersson
Twitter: @tinni_a
Academic Info
Media, new media, social media, intellectuals, elites, South Asia
I have a deep interest in media anthropology. My PhD included use of media, new media, internet among intellectual groups in Kolkata, based on extensive fieldwork in the city in 2000. Further, I''ve made some work on Diaspora websites among Kolkata intellectuals. My predominant field of interest now is the use of web 2.0 and social media among intellectual groups in Kolkata, and among Diaspora groups.
I have a PhD in Socialanthropology, School of Global Studies, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

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NIAS, Copenhagen, Lunch talk, 2002
Collegium for development Studies/ SIDA, Round Table Discussant, 'ICT for development; a Tool for Poverty Reduction? Challenges for Development Cooperation'¯ 2004
EASAS conference, Lund, presentation of the paper 'Intellectual Movements in Bengal'¯ (European Association for South Asian Studies) 2004
IUEAS Intercongress, Kolkata, India, presentation of paper 'The politics of Space'¯ (International Union for Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences) 2004
The Post Colonial Conference, Sodertorns Hogskola, Presentation of the paper 'Bengali Modernity' 2006
EASAS conference, Leiden, Presentation of the paper 'Intellectuals and development'¯ (European Association for South Asian Studies)2006
EASA conference, Bristol, Presentation of paper 'Reflexivity and ethical awareness'¯ (European Association for Social Anthropologists) 2006
EASA Media network e-seminar, presentation of the paper 'The Online Durga'¯ 2007
ECMSAS conference, Manchester, co-convenor of the Bengal Studies Panel with Prof William Radice, SOAS, presentation of paper 'Navya Nyaya and its Social Implications in Bengal'¯ (European Association for South Asian Studies) 2008
EASA conference, Ljubljana, presentation of paper 'The Kolkata Intellectuals and Elite Identity'¯ (European Association for Social Anthropologists) 2008
SIDA/ CSD, Uppsala, presentation of poster '¯Democratic processes and elite groups' at the conference Meeting Global Challenges in Research Cooperation¯, 2008
ECMSAS conference, Bonn, convenor of the Bengal Studies Panel¯, presentation of the paper, 'The Kolkata Intellectuals and Elite Identity'¯ 2010
EASA conference, Meynoth, convenor of workshop 79, Elite groups, crisis and imagination¯, presentation of the paper 'Imaginative acts and the Kolkata elit'¯, 2010
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