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Marcelo Albagli
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Marcelo Albagli
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service design innovation, new media, creativity, participatory citizenship, social movements, media activism
To formulate an understanding of the media landscape in light of the social movements which were made possible due to digital technology, such as those recently experienced in Spain, Egypt, Turkey, and most importantly Brazil. In doing so, to investigate how new models for media participation are inspiring creativity and new social practices towards the goal of participatory democracy.
Major project:
Service Design and Innovation Conference (Lancaster University, 2014)
Internet Advertising Bureau Mixx (New York 2011)
The Next Web (Amsterdam 2011)
Web 2.0 Expo (San Francisco 2010 - 2011, New York City 2009 and 2011)
Gov 2.0 Expo (Washington D.C. 2010)
Digital Age 2.0 (São Paulo 2010)
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