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Name Interests
ritual, pilgrim,phenonemenology, interpretative, IPA, identity, nation, state, commemoration, war memorial, rememberance
ethnography, science and technology studies
audiovisual entertainment, transnationalism, digitization, DVD, TV series, reception, users, audience
China, cinema, new media
semiotics, semantics, digital engagement, cross cultural communications
Social media, place, locative media, creative practice, Twitter, cultural production
post-human antropocentrism body cyborg
documentary film, globalization, identity/alterity formation, postcolonial studies
media audiences, collective memory, visual anthropology, journalism, cultural heritage
Newsroom studies, journalism in multicultural society, immigration, journalism role, journalists' self understanding, journalism education
literacy, composition, basic writing, writing centers
media and cyberanthropology, conflict and peace studies, cultural rights and revival of tradition, anthropology of law; Southeast Asia, esp. Indonesia and Moluccas
photography, anthropology, sociology, environment
cultural anthropology, media anthropology, media studies, journalism, broadcast, television, collective memory
indigenous media, media policy and practice, alternative media, community radio, Canada
communication technologies, mobility, social relations
festive rituals, power, ethnographic film and photography, Spain
popular visual culture, global circulation of art/markets, performance, neoliberal politics, urbanisation, middle classes; India, Nepal, Germany
middle class, consumption, urban spatialisation, romance, youth culture, Nepal, India
conflict, ICT, history, anthropology, Africa
Digital games, everyday studies, Science and Technology Studies
Media anthropology, Native street subcultures in Canada
digital media technologies, indigenous media, activism, infrastructure, visual communication, Canada, Austria
ethnography, Internet, mobile phones, users, Ghana
genre, migration, art, anthropology, latinamerica
visual literacy, visual sociology, activity base ethnography
new media, communication, social media, media ethnography
visual anthropology/sociology, particiipant media, Japanese visual culture, home media, applied visual anthropology
International Development, India

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