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Name Interests
Internet control, online relationships, China
media activism, mobilisation, digital writing, spatiality, temporality
media anthropology
internet, journalism, Lebanon
theory, visual anthropology, ethnographic film, Pacific, development
media, shanghai, mythology, communication
strong> journalistic professionalism, newsroom ethnography, journalism and democracy, Ireland
Forms of Islamist Digital Activism
sensory ethnography, religion, urbanism, publics, mobility
new media social media mobility
violence, design,communiaction
islam anthropology muslim youth social movements
China, Chinese Internet, digital media, digital folklore, Internet culture
Media ethnography, STS
Media Anthropology, Africa, Culture, Ethnicity, Nollywood
ethnography, design, hacking, immersion, india
India, class, labor, rural, textile, design
media antrhopology television semiotic linguistic
Serbia Yugoslavia Kosovo propoganda aid human rights NGO
television, audiences, diaspora, LGBT
anthropology of knowledge and media
Gender Anthropology, Racism, Colorism
medias studies oral poetry new orality saharian societies
ethnography, journalism, representation, foreign correspondents, cultural geographies, urban anthropology
posthumanism, cyborg, social media, popular culture, online media
social change, development, participation, dialogue, knowledge production
visual anthropology, visual media representation, Lebanese-Australians
mass media, internet, heritage tourism, semiotics, ethnocommodities, Peru
Digital Culture, Free Software, Free Culture, Ethnography, methods

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