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Name Interests
military-media relations, digital anthropology, privacy, ethics, ICT4D, United States
Iteractive film, ethnographic film, digital imaging, Indian cinema
YouTube, Shakespeare, online video, reception, audience, user
advertising, censorship, ideology, critical distance, public interest, Korea, East Asia
new media events, religion and media
sociology, media, digital identities, communication, sociology of communication
communication for development and social change, sociopolitical participation, public sphere, citizen journalism, community media,
media technology democracy
Children, eduational technologies, government schools, Victoria, Australia
popular music, India, diaspora
digital games, material culture, fantasy/escapism, Europe
Religions, Sufism
visual and culture culture, South Asia, urban space, street culture, fan clubs
Youth, community, urban, society,
Pacific, Tuvalu, New Zealand, history, media, ethncity, culture
Mediaphilosophy and Anthropology, Image Science, Aesthetics, Semiotics, Media- and Film Studies
Ukraine, Media
Africa, Radio, Journalism, ICT, STS
media anthropology, youth cultures, digital memories of socialism
Race and media, communication studies, cybercultures, African diapora
new media, sound studies, popular music, film sound, United States
virtual communities, web 2.0, digital natives, viral marketing, e-commerce
community media, participatory video mak
Media anthropology, ethnography, phenomenology, culture analysis, Nordic and Swedish Culture
ICT, media, learning, teaching, education, virtual worlds, serious games, LMS, VLE, STS, ANT
New Media, Facebook, Micro Blogging, Indonesia, Daily Life.
cyber anthropology, human computer interaction, open source, gaming, social networking
culture, dreams, symbols, cyberspace, anthropology, sociology, lebanon
ethnomethodology-Media Anthropology

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