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List of Participants
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Name Interests
sparks, film, discussion, interaction
indigeneity, aesthetics, media, urban
Social Network Media
transnational television; pop music; Tibet, India, Nepal, China, Himalayas
Media and migration, cultural studies, social exclusion, Mayan people, Mayan studies, Mexico, Central America, US, Muhammad cartoon story
TV, social networks, ICT, UK
Media and Cultural Studies, Indonesia
Internet, Arab world, usage, youth, individual
online dating adds, scripts, schemata, gender
new media, technology, blogs
Data, Algorithms, Censorship, Material Culture, Technology, #neuland
tourism, narrative, identity, Poland, former USSR
place, domestic space, transnationalism, material culture, mobile communication, Jamaica, United States
journalism, media, migration, ethnicity/race, racism, critical discourse analysis, frame analysis, Europeanization of public debate
Media history, India, documentary film
Social Media, Web 2.0, Web 3.0, Music, Musicians, DIY & Digital Age
Cultural Anthropology Fieldwork Conception of Nature Stereotypes Racism
semiotics, media, communication, language
Blurred area between "Reality/ Fiction," media, video/film art, internet, story, dignity, spiritual diversity, identity, virtual communities
political anthropology, activism, anthropology of development, power, new technologies, India
open source, new media, ngo, identity, poland
visual anthropology
Papua_New_Guinea ICTs mobile_telephony
globalization, social movements, new media, media activism, radio, Spain/Catalonia, Mexico,
blogging, lebanon, ethics, practice
media education
Digital; Technology; Anthropology; Online
media, migration, identities, ethnicity, Turkey
Goth scene, Digital Anthropology, dance, cosmopolitanism, globalisation, gender, historical constructivism, relatedness
police, France

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