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Name Interests
Linguistic Anthropology, Social Media, Netnography, Cyberanthropology, Anthropology of Media, Semiotics, Online Communities, Performance, Political Discourse, United States, Europe
news organisations, Arab media, online news , online newsrooms, media effects
Muslims, Media, India, Globalization, Ethnography
media, India
Visual ethnography theory and method
indigenous media, film, digital anthropology
international division of domestic labour, migration and mobility, media anthropology, ethnographic film, Indonesia
ICTD, mobile technologies, gender, environmental sustainability, Latin America, India
anthropology; history; southeast asian studies
China, East Asia, Popular Music, Cultural Studies, Film, Contemporary Art, Olympics
Cyberculture, Epistemology, Religion, Mythology, Magic, Karakoram, Himalayas
migration, migrant media practices, ethnicity, Germany, Turkey
Crossing social boundaries, cognative construction, Africa, refugees
Media Art History
war, violence, digital media, migration, nationalism, gender and sexuality, Israel/Palestine, Russian-language Internet
participative methods, latin america , anthropology of politics, visual anthropology
digital culture, creative industries
new media, literacy, technology, language, Africa
ICT, digital media, NGO, gender/identity, HIV/AIDS, violence/conflict
anthropology of media
nationalism, identity, media
Myth, Ritual, Art, Heritage, Oceania, Africa
Identity, racism, gender, Africa, Iceland
migration, qualitative research methods, collective memory, international communication
media studies
indigenous peoples, Philippines, Internet, online communities, access to information, freedom of the press, diversity, religion
transnationalism, diaspora, identity, memory, Jews, Poland
ict, legal anthropology, Japan, Pakistan
anthropology, dance, performance, video-dance

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