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Login here to edit your profile via your entry on the "People" List, then select Edit > Update your profile.
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How do I register for the EASA Media Anthropology Network website?
To get a membership profile please register via the link below the Login box.

Is registering with the EASA Media Anthropology Network website the same thing as subscribing to the EASA Media Anthropology Network mailing list?

No! To subscribe to the mailing list please follow the instructions found on the
mailing list page.

How do I edit my EASA Media Anthropology Network website profile / change my email / password / picture?

Login, and then navigate to your entry on the
People List, then select, from the menu above Edit > Update your profile. For your picture it is Edit > Update your picture.

How do I present a paper for an EASA Media Anthropology Network e-seminar?
You write an email to
Veronica Barassi explaining your idea for the paper, and negotiate for a free slot in the e-seminar schedule.

Can I support the EASA Media Anthropology Network?
Yes! By all means. Please get in contact with
Philipp Budka. We will get back to you to talk about how you want to work with us.
Last Updated ( Wednesday, 21 June 2017 )

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