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Name Interests
media reconstruction of reality, myth- making process in media,
climate change, tourism, media
diasporas, transnationalism, media ethnography, ethnomusicology, Armenia
children, conflict, activism, media, Colombia
media, nation, religion, identity, globalization, intellectual history
visual ethnography photography media
visual culture, critical media, visual perception
television, postcoloniality, gender, representation
diaspora, belonging and identity
service design innovation, new media, creativity, participatory citizenship, social movements, media activism
Internet Studies
Anthropological film, archaeological film, USA and Greecer
Arab media, television, women, development
ICTS, Science, Technology, Society, Africa
Tourism, development, media, Mexico, Baja California Sur, photograph
Media, new media, social media, intellectuals, elites, South Asia
Media and Religion, Popular Culture
media practices, body, play and visual culture, connective ethnography, Spain, Latin America
public broadcasting, democracy, south africa, ethnography, transformation, organisational culture, politicisation
internet, Greece, cultural product, media, activism, communication
cultural politics; popular music; postsocialism; East Africa
mobility, Russia, phenomenology
popular media, Iran
digital culture, social movements
information society ideologies, futurities, popular culture, the Islamic Web, Southeast Asia
media, identity, nation, ethnicity, democracy, Malaysia
technology, communication, internet, Spain/Catalonia/Mediterranean
media culture, anthropology
South Asia, Indian film culture, documentary film, ethnographic film, media activism, digital technology, media practice, visual anthropology
filmmaking, media diversity, journalism, training for media practitioners

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